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Koverz – Large Neoprene Drink Cozy

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Large neoprene cozy fits the 24-ounce Pint and a Half Jar.
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Product Description

Insulate and protect your jar with a Koverz neoprene cozy! This large neoprene cozy fits the 24-ounce pint and a half jar and will keep your cold drink cold or your hot drink hot, it will keep your hands comfortable, your table tops free from condensation… and in the event of an accidental drop onto a hard surface, it buys your jar a few extra lives. Mason jars are quite sturdy in and of themselves, but a neoprene cover is like a bullet proof vest for your jar! The large neoprene cozy currently comes in fun and/or classy designs for thirsty people who drink from large jars.

Cozy only.

Jar can be added.

Accessories can be purchased separately.


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