Kidzikoo - small neoprene drink cozy (fits 12-ounce jar)


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Insulate and protect your jar with a neoprene cozy! This small neoprene cozy fits the 12-ounce quilted jelly jar like a glove and will keep your cold drink cold or your hot drink hot, it will keep your hands comfortable, your table tops free from condensation... and in the event of an accidental drop onto a hard surface, it buys your jar a few extra lives. Mason jars are quite sturdy in and of themselves, but a neoprene cover is like a bullet proof vest for your jar! The small neoprene cozy currently comes in a lot of kid fun designs that are fun for kids and adults alike. 

Select from the following prints--use drop down menu above to select our in-stock prints:  

Alligators (Patrick) - Blue and green - 10 in stock

Puppies (Landon) - Red, black, and white (gender neutral!) - 10 in stock

Birds (Braisley) - Blue with colorful birds (gender neutral!) - 10 in stock

Elephants (Elle) - White, gray, and red - 10 in stock

Beetles (Denise) - Blue and yellow - 10 in stock

Trains (Jackson) - White, green, blue, gray - 10 in stock

Whales/Sea Creatures (Parker) - Blue, red, colorful creatures (gender neutral!) - 10 in stock

Kitties (Julie) - Dark pink, colorful cats - 12 in stock

Dinosaurs (Will) - blue, colorful dinos - 10 in stock

Butterflies/Flowers (Jordan) - Pink, red, green - 10 in stock

Cars/Trucks (Luke) - Blue, red, orange - 10 in stock

Owls (Lucia) - White, pink, purple, blue - 7 in stock

Octopus/Sea Creatures (Drew) - Yellow, blue, colorful creatures (gender neutral) - 10 in stock

Zebra (Tori) - Black, white, pink - 11 in stock

Cheetah (Avery) - Brown, black, blue  - 10 in stock


One small neoprene cozy, jar and other accessories not included.

More photos available for viewing in gallery section.

(Some prints retire periodically, the white cozy with red trim is no longer available)