EcoJarz Sealable PopTop on 24-ounce jar
EcoJarz Sealable PopTop on 24-ounce jarEcoJarz Sealable PopTop on 24-ounce jarEcoJarz Sealable PopTop on 24-ounce jar with Koverz Midnight Mums Cozy

EcoJarz Sealable PopTop Lid

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Lid fits 24-ounce wide mouth jar.
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Product Description

EcoJarz PopTop Sealable Drinking Jar Lid turns any wide mouth mason jar into a spill-proof container. The silicone plug makes a tight seal so that nothing leaks or spills out. For those of you on the go, this is great to throw into a bag and not worry about a mess! Use it for water, juice, smoothies, shakes, or bulk food storage.

Dishwasher safe and made of non-reactive stainless steel and silicone and has no BPA, pthalates, or chemical leach. The EcoJarz PopTop makes a great gift for friends and family who love their mason jars, are concerned about reducing waste, and/or who love a great conversation starter.

Choose from green or brown silicone.

PopTop does not come with canning ring necessary for use but a jar with a canning lid/ring can be added.



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