Glass Dharma Coffee Straw 8 inch


Do you love straws but hate plastic?  Try a glass straw!  Want an alternative to those straws found in reusable coffee straw cups?  Or need something to go with your straw-friendly reusable mason jar travel lid?  A 7-mm glass straw will probably fit!  This custom size has a 4-mm inside diameter which is wider than Glass Dharma's other 7-mm (sipper) straw, which means you can get your beverage down with a bit more speed and ease.  

Glass straws are also a great option for folks who hate the "taste" of plastic, or who want to sip a hot beverage without burning lips, or who don't want to stain teeth.

Glass straws with a lifetime guarantee!  These straws are made of the strongest glass (borosilicate, like Pyrex®) and are ready for use every day and should not chip or break with normal use; but, in the event anything happens to one, the maker at Glass Dharma promises to either fix or replace the straw if necessary (please contact them directly). 

Dishwasher and microwave safe.  You can sanitize in the dishwasher, but it is recommended to rinse immediately or soak in warm water, and get a straw brush to assist with cleaning if you are drinking beverages other than water.  Display upright in a glass or store in a drawer in a compartment away from other utensils.  

Works great with the EcoJarz mason jar lids!

One 8-inch tall glass straw, jar and other accessories not included.