Eco Sleeve Silicone Sleeve


Choose your silicone sleeve color

Eco Sleeve Silicone sleeves fit The Pint and a Half 24-ounce jar to protect hands from hot drinks and provide a no-slip grip for ice-cold drinks.  Originally created to use with reusable I'm Not a Paper Cup and the Eco Cup as well as paper cups, these sleeves are the perfect way to turn a mason jar into colorful travel cup that turns heads and generates conversation. 

Eco Sleeve only.  Jar and other accessories not included.

Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  If silicone gets very soiled, boil for several minutes in water with lemon juice.

Of note, this product has been discontinued by manufacturer; and we bought out their remaining supply. Quantities are limited.  We currently have a few yellow sleeves remaining, but the other colors are now out of stock (so sorry!).  We are looking at our silicone sleeve options and will hopefully have new colors soon.